01 Dr.T.V.NARAYANA M.Pharm, Ph.D Professor & Principal Pharmacology  
02 Prof.K.P.R CHOWDARY M.Pharm, Ph.D Research Director Pharmaceutics  
03 Dr.D.SATYANARAYANA M.Pharm, Ph.D Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry  
04 Dr.S.MURALIDHAR M.Pharm, Ph.D Professor Pharmaceutics  
05 Dr.G.SUMALATHA M.Pharm, Ph.D Professor Pharmacology  
06 Dr.MAHENDRA KUMAR B.J M.Pharm, Ph.D Professor Pharmacy Practice  
07 Mr.P.VASANTH KUMAR M.Pharm Asst.Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry  
08 Mr. P. Madhusudana Rao M.Pharm Asst.Professor Pharmacology  
09 Mrs.T.JYOTHI M.Pharm Asst.Professor Pharmaceutics  
10 Mr.K.CHAKRAPANI M.Pharm Asst.Professor Pharmacy Practice  
11 Mr.B.V.B. BALAJI M.Pharm Asst.Professor Pharmacy Practice  
12 Mrs.K.DIVYA M.Pharm Asst.Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry  
13 Mr.E.SURESH BABU M.Pharm Asst.Professor Pharmacognosy  
14 Mr.ISR PARAMESH M.Pharm Asst.Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry  
15 Mrs. M.V.SUMALATHA M.Pharm Asst.Professor Pharmacy Practice  
16 Mr.P.RAVITEJA M.Pharm Asst.Professor Pharmaceutics  
17 Mrs.P.GEETHABHAVANI M.Pharm Asst.Professor Pharmaceutical Chemistry  
18 Dr.M.K.JAGADESHWARA RAO Pharm.D Lecturer Pharmacy Practice  
19 Mr.B.VENKATESWARA REDDY M.Pharm Lecturer Pharmaceutical Analysis  
20 Ms. B.SANDYARANI M.Pharm Lecturer Pharmaceutical Chemistry  
21 Mr.K.S.DURGA PRASAD M.Pharm Lecturer Pharmacology  
22 Mr.T.ADHINARAYANA M.Pharm Lecturer Pharmacology  
23 Mrs. K.RAMYA M.Pharm Lecturer Pharmaceutics  
24 Mr.P.SUNEEL KUMAR M.Pharm Lecturer Pharmaceutics  
25 Mrs.D.ANUPAMA M.Pharm Lecturer Pharmacology  
26 Mrs. K.S.S.N.Neelima M.Pharm Lecturer Pharmaceutical Analysis  
27 Mr. M. Nagendra M.Pharm Lecturer Pharmaceutics  
28 Ms. M. Tulasi Maheswari Chitti M.Pharm Lecturer Pharmaceutics  
29 Ms. N. Sri Lakshmi M.Pharm Lecturer Pharmacy Practice  
30 M. Usha Pharm.D (PB) Lecturer Pharmacy Practice  
31 G. Anusha Pharm.D (PB) Lecturer Pharmacy Practice  
32 B. Mary Prasanna Pharm.D (PB) Lecturer Pharmacy Practice  
33 Ms. K.L.Chaitanya Ch M.Pharm Lecturer Pharmaceutics  
34 Mr. T.Vijay M.Pharm Lecturer Pharmaceutics  
35 Mr.S.K.Hussain Pharm.D (PB) Lecturer Pharmacy Practice