18th Annual National Convention of Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTICON-2013)     

Mandatory Disclosure



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Nature and Extent of involvement of faculty and students in academic affairs/ improvements:

The main goal and object of the society is to achieve the total quality management by implementing appropriate quality measures like Accreditation, ISO-9000, Bench marking, Ranking list.  The basic parameters adopted are Defining Mission, Clear Objectives and Laying of Standards.  The society is monitoring and maintaining the quality sustenance that is a continuous process and continuous programme.

The recruitment board constitutes of governing council members and subject experts for the selection and appointment of faculty.  The faculty members are encouraged to do research activities by providing additional increment for presenting technical paper in various pharmacy conferences.  The faculty members were sponsored by the management to attend both National and International conferences every year totaling more than 50Nos. till date.   The staff will be paid AICTE pay scales with updated allowances as per the qualification and experience.  Promotions, incentives and other benefits are based on their performance.  The staff will be entitled for benefits like P.F, Group Insurance, Social Security Scheme, Children Education, Transportation and other facilities.

Mechanism / Norms & Procedure for democratic / good Governance:

Academic audit is being implemented which is an educational exercise to assess and evaluate the performance of teachers and to have a pragmatic view about what is present status of academic standards. The mission statements are very closely connected with the management and the policy that is designed by the managements.  The set of goals and aims one related to the staff and students and the out come are directly proportional to the funding by the facilities.

Student Feedback on Institutional Governance/ faculty performance:

The management is relaying upon Bench Marks that is search for best practices that will lead to superior performances and related to input indicators rather than output indicators. It is ongoing, systematic means of measuring and comparing the work process of an organization.

Grievance redressal mechanism for faculty, staff and student:            
The management is following the policies to promote excellence among faculty by sponsoring them to attend various seminars, workshops, faculty development programmes, Q.I.P. programmes of AICTE etc.,The college operates on the premise that pharmacy education is for the public good in the public trust, and embraces the belief that the integration of research and teaching is essential for academic success with following core academic values:

  • Institutional autonomy.
  • Collegiality and shared governance
  • The intellectual and academic authority of faculty


  • Name of the programmes approved by the AICTE                   :  UG
  • Name of the Programmes accredited by the AICTE                 :  --Nil--
  • Fore each programme the following details are to be given    :
    Name             :   B.Pharm,
    No.of seats   :   60
    Duration        :   04 Years
    Cut off mark / rank for admission during the last three years:      started from 2008-09 only
    Fee                        :            As prescribed by Govt. of AP (Rs. 30,200-00)
    Placement Facilities:   Available
    Campus placement in last three years with minimum salary:       started from 2008-09 only
    Maximum salary and average salary            :                              started from 2008-09 only


  • Branch wise list faculty members
    • Permanent Faculty   :  7
    • Visiting Faculty        :  3 ( Teaching Maths, Biology, English)
    • Adjunct Faculty       :  -                                   
    • Guest Faculty          :  -                                   
    • Permanent Faculty   :  Student Ratio: 1 : 9




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